Join 250 affordable housing professionals at the iconic Barbican Centre to find solutions to the challenges you and your team are facing.

Affordable Home Ownership Conference 2019

It’s a jungle out there

Understand how Brexit and other uncertainties in the political and economic environment will affect the property market, and what action your team can take right now to prepare for the challenges on the horizon.

Focus on your customer

Hear from award-winning housing sales and marketing teams on what they have done to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Immerse yourself in discussion on the importance of lifestyle in home buying decisions, and understand the psychological shortcuts we all have, and how to appeal to these with your offer.

Find solutions

Together we will work towards finding solutions to the challenges affecting your team, including difficulties with leaseholds and staircasing, and integrating and managing the sales element of a joint venture.

Gaze into the future

Over the past 18 months the sector has come together to develop a creative concept that simplifies and standardises the way the sector talks about shared ownership. Be the first one to witness the new cross-sector brand and the next step in shared ownership’s evolution.